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1 Minute with an Entrepreneur – Kayla Wren of The Minimal Co

Who is The Minimal Co?

The Minimal Co was co-founded in October 2017 by Bianca Cannell (another QUT WIB member) and​ myself. TMC is an Australian business, created to inspire and empower women through unique, hand-made, statement earrings. Since launching in February 2018, The Minimal Co. has successfully supplied business professionals and young women with quality, one-of-a-kind handmade designs ensuring that they feel confident and unique through all occasions.

When did you start TMC and why?

TMC was started through our love for hand-made creations. We both study fashion and wanted to create something special and unique, to differ from the saturated, fast fashion industry.

What has been your favourite part of starting a small business?

We really love what we do, and we’re also long-time friends so

we enjoy spending so much time together. Hand-making the earrings together is so much fun!

What has been the most challenging part of starting a business?

I think having the drive and motivation to keep pushing ​forward. Sometimes you lose confidence and want to give up. That’s why it’s so great working together – when one of us feels less motivated the other is encouraging and motivating and we just keep pushing forward!

What brand or business do you admire most and why?

We love SABO SKIRT! They almost always bring out original designs and we really love the fact that they are always unique!

What has been your greatest achievement so far with TMC?

I think we are just so happy with where we are today! We only launched our website 1 month ago and are already stocked in two Brisbane boutiques with a potential third being stocked soon!

If you had any advice for someone looking to start a small business producing and selling an original product, what advice would you give them?

Try to be as unique as possible! Polymer Clay is extremely popular but we like to take inspiration from different countries and cities across the world! Add a point of difference. Most importantly, LOVE what you do! I can’t imagine having to make earrings all day and not loving it – you would definitely see your lack of passion in your products.

Evidently, Kayla and Bianca have reflected their own personalities in TMC’s jewellery design to create one-of-a-kind, beautiful pieces. Kayla was so gracious. She was genuinely willing and excited to offer her know how about opening and running a business. The Minimal Co’s Santorini Collection has just dropped and as a celebration, the girls would like to offer our members a 10% discount on all orders placed with the code “QUTWIB10”. This offer will run for a limited time, so stock up on these gorgeous and unique pieces!